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Cable bridge factory, cable tray manufacturer, large span cable tray

Cable Bridge Factory National Sales Hotline: 13722603121


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Cable Bridge Manufacturer

Our factory is a professional manufacturer of large-span cable trays in Hebei Province. It mainly produces trough-type straight-through bridges, step-type straight-through bridges and tray-type straight-through bridges. It has a wide range of applications and can be applied. In communications, textiles, power, metallurgy, chemicals, petroleum, subway and high-rise buildings and many other fields. Complete inspection certificate, advanced production equipment, experienced design talents, and perfect management system are the advantages of our factory. Welcome all walks of life to come and buy.

Cable Bridge Manufacturer Factory Show



  • Cable bridge manufacturer individual business license
    Cable tray manufacturer individual merchant business license
  • copy of cable tray manufacturer organization code certificate
    Cable tray manufacturer organization code certificate copy
  • Cable Bridge Manufacturer Tax Registration Certificate
    Cable tray manufacturer tax registration certificate

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